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English and Language Borrowing

October 31, 20110 Comments

English has exerted an unprecedented amount of influence over other languages worldwide.  English has also borrowed from other languages.  For example, in the beginning days of the formation of England the language was heavily influenced by Latin, mainly through Old French. The growth of England and the United Kingdom during and after the industrial revolution […]

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Greetings and Farewells — Beginning English as a Second Language

October 29, 20112 Comments

Beginning English as a Second Language — Greetings and Farewells. GREETINGS: Hello Hi Good morning Good afternoon How are you? How are you doing? FAREWELLS: Good bye See you See you later See you tomorrow take care

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The Language of Globalization

October 27, 20110 Comments

In the 80’s few people from the middle class who lived in big cities could afford a membership to a so called “Video club” (Clube do Video).  Just like renting from an American Blockbuster in a small scale, one would could rent a video and take home for day or so.  Up until the 90’s […]

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ESL Schools and the Franchise Growth

October 24, 20110 Comments

The list of ESL schools in Brazil is huge — most of these are very small, but some have grown exponentially.  The number of schools belonging  to a franchise keeps going up as well.  In 1950 the first Language School franchise was born in Sao Paulo under the name of “Instituto de Idiomas Yazigi” and […]

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The Economy Grows the ESL Industry Grows

October 19, 20110 Comments

As Brazil becomes wealthier with higher income per capita the middle class expands — with it the affordability of English classes and courses is going up as well. Schools are trying hard to supply more and better trained teachers to satisfy the growing demand. Typically schools only have two choices when it comes to native […]

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Dependency on books and grammar / Dependência de gramática e livros

October 17, 20110 Comments

Even in this age of growing Internet popularity the average student in Brazil is still dependent on books to learn English; the famous verbs “to be” and “to have” along with other parts of the speech are still being hammered on prior to any natural contact with the language.  This is understandable given the fact […]

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What kind of English?

October 14, 20110 Comments

Historically it has been a mixture of American and British English with the obvious influence of the Brazilian-Portuguese accent.  For obvious reasons American English influence continues to grow, although as far as  everyday spoken English Brazil remains isolated with most of the students who have some fluency in English living in big cities like Rio […]

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English words, signs and schools are everywhere

October 12, 20110 Comments

Any English speaker will be amazed to see English words written on sings, advertisement, billboards or names of businesses everywhere.  Quite often they are misspelled, improperly translated or just don’t fit the message they’re trying to convey.  For example, a school might have a banner that says “Free Conversation“, but the real message is “Open […]

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Mastery of English is communication skills for the world

October 11, 20110 Comments

In the early 70’s Brazil developed the ethanol engine — this came about during extreme financial difficulty and the horrible oil crisis.  After years of hyperinflation Brazil was able to become completely self-sufficient in oil and to top it all off they found a huge oil field.  The country has become the energy powerhouse of […]

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Everything to gain by boosting the ESL industry.

October 9, 20110 Comments

Brazil is a country that has everything to gain from promoting English as a second language.  You might read that  English is “everywhere in Brazil”.  This is not the case when you compare to the developed nations — look at Germany, for example, where most people are fluent in English as a second language — […]

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How Popular is English in ""Brazil?

October 7, 20110 Comments

In the old days Latin was the “other” language taught in middle school and college.  Later, and up until the 70’s French was the favored foreign language  taught in middle school and high school.  As Brazil progressed into industrialization and modernization, French was replaced by English to fulfill the curricula requirement for “Modern Foreign Language”. […]

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English in Brazil : Brazil is behind as far English as a Second Language…

October 7, 20110 Comments

English in Brazil/ Ingles no Brasil: Brazil is behind as far English as a Second Langua…: Brazil is a huge country that has experienced unprecedented growth in many areas, especially its economy. However, it is way behind when it…

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English Education Lacks Promotion in Brazil

October 6, 20111 Comment

No country can escape the fact that English is the “Lingua Franca” of the world.  There are many reasons why English is the leading language of the world — too many to mention here, but I can mention a few.  For example, English is the business/trade language of the world.  By and large most countries […]

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O Brasil esta atrasado quando se fala de aprender ingles como segunda lingua

October 5, 20110 Comments

Brazil is a huge country that has experienced unprecedented growth in many areas, especially its economy.  However, it is way behind when it comes to English as a second language.  Please note that this article is not about politics. Obviously Brazil has functioned and is functioning well linguistically — as a matter of fact, I […]

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O English4Brazil vai muito mais além do “the book is on the table” e do “verbo to be” que são “aprendidos” no colégio. Aqui, compreendi que, além da gramática e da ortografia, saber COMO se fala o Inglês é fundamental. A fonética, até então por mim desconhecida, passou a ser uma das principais ferramentas de aprendizado, aliada à interação constante com os professores e colegas e curso.

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