English Education Lacks Promotion in Brazil

October 6, 20111 Comment

No country can escape the fact that English is the “Lingua Franca” of the world.  There are many reasons why English is the leading language of the world — too many to mention here, but I can mention a few.  For example, English is the business/trade language of the world.  By and large most countries use English in transactions with other countries across the globe.


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English is the language of Tourism, the leading language of Diplomacy, Medicine, Electronics, Aviation, etc.  In essence, English is a language that has a leading role not only as an bridge in communication among countries, but it has also served and still serves as an avenue of communication and dissemination of a a subject matter or an industry, such as aviation, for example.  Why is it that English is the language of aviation?  Aviation needed a common language to be used in an organized manner among aviation personnel from different countries — besides the historical and economical factors surrounding the development of aviation, English has always landed itself as the most suitable.

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O English4Brazil vai muito mais além do “the book is on the table” e do “verbo to be” que são “aprendidos” no colégio. Aqui, compreendi que, além da gramática e da ortografia, saber COMO se fala o Inglês é fundamental. A fonética, até então por mim desconhecida, passou a ser uma das principais ferramentas de aprendizado, aliada à interação constante com os professores e colegas e curso.

Daniel PennThales Delfino - Analista de Sistemas – IT industry; João Monlevade – MG, BrazilEnglish4Brazil

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