The Language of Globalization

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In the 80’s few people from the middle class who lived in big cities could afford a membership to a so called “Video club” (Clube do Video).  Just like renting from an American Blockbuster in a small scale, one would could rent a video and take home for day or so.  Up until the 90’s a phone line was a high commodity and very few people could have a residential telephone.  Of course, cell phones were unheard of.  Small tech schools where one could learn basic computer skills were just starting to very slowly become popular.  What does all this have to do with the English language?  Everything! 

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Luckily for the people of Brazil, things have been changing and continue to change; Brazil has a very bright future.  Nowadays many more people have computers and access to the Internet, not to mention telephone lines.  Schools are better equipped with multimedia applications, better and faster ways to deliver the material.  More TV stations and more possibilities for people to get channels in English, although this is another area that needs a lot of improvement.  But don’t take me wrong — this is just the beginning.

In Brazil, one sign that the country is improving economically is English.  Let me explain what I mean: I am not saying that Brazil cannot improve without English.  Obviously Brazil is a linguistically very efficient country with Portuguese as its language.  The use of English in Brazil is a tell-tale sign that the country is becoming economically better off and its people more empowered.  It represents the spread and more access to technology, more successful relations with other world nations, more export and, more political influence regionally and abroad.

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O English4Brazil vai muito mais além do “the book is on the table” e do “verbo to be” que são “aprendidos” no colégio. Aqui, compreendi que, além da gramática e da ortografia, saber COMO se fala o Inglês é fundamental. A fonética, até então por mim desconhecida, passou a ser uma das principais ferramentas de aprendizado, aliada à interação constante com os professores e colegas e curso.

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